Christian Counseling in East Valley, AZ


Christian Counseling Can Help

There are many things pressuring us in our life and sometimes those pressures can either take us by surprise or they can make us question certain things. When we search for someone who we can connect with, we want to find someone with the same values to hear us out. 

Do you have thoughts or feelings of wanting to speak to someone other than a pastor? 

Do you want to still know that you are talking with someone who values the same thing you do? Someone that can give you spiritual guidance and helpful bible verses to guide you. 

We get into tough situations; situations that make us question whether God is really there or not. We question whether He loves us or is really with us when we go through these situations. It is hard. 

We don’t know whether we are supposed to keep going through these trials or whether we can somehow get back on the path and still feel his love after going through something traumatic or struggle.

Sometimes, you have to take that first leap of faith.

If you are experiencing feelings of anxiety, depression, recovering from addictions or having issues with trauma.

We can help you heal spiritually and in a Christian way. 

We respect your faith, morals’ and values. We know they are important to you and share those same thoughts, schedule an appointment today with us and let us rely on each other in a spiritual way. 

If you’re ready to heal, we’re here to help. Give us a call at (480)-542-2525 or click below to get in touch!